Esoma tuition and Homeschooling

We are so eager to be working with kids and making a difference in their careers. Being a mentor is what we have always wanted to be.

"Make my life easier and organized conviction For every delay in they Extremity now strangers contained breakfast"

Reagan Muturi (Student)

"Creating product become fun conviction For every delay in they Extremity."

Denis Warui (Student)
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Year 2021
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Services that you need to know

School tuition

Total 26 Students

  • Physical and Online classes
  • Cambridge, British and 8-4-4 curriculum
  • Mon to Sat classes
Adult classes

Total 10 Students

  • Only private classes
  • Cambridge, British and 8-4-4 curriculum
  • Sat and Sun classes
Language tuition

Total 25 Students

  • English
  • Swahili
Sciences offered

Total 30 Students

  • Chemistry
  • Biography
  • Physics
Historiography offered

Total 30 Students

  • Geography
  • History

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+254 792 798806


+254 792 798806


Frequently Asked Questions

We are diverse in the subjects offered depending on the needs of the client as in languages, sciences and humanities.
We offer daily rates ( per session) and monthly rates depending on the number of lessons needed by the client.
We charge a flat rate of Ksh700/Hour
We offer both physical classes and online classes
We offer sessions depending on the package chosen by the client which will determine the classes distributed across the week or month.